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Remote Access Valve Assemblies
  • In some situations it is easier to locate a compressor near an existing power supply that is far away from the pond and extend the tubing rather than run power down to ponds edge.
  • Typically a single, larger diameter, poly tubing will carry all the air from the compressor down to the edge of the pond where the valve assembly will be located.
  • This prevents having to run multiple smaller lines between compressor and shore.
  • These assemblies are simply an adder to the kit cost.
  • A single line set up coming off the compressor is included along with a modified valve assembly for installation by the pond
  • Simply order correct remote valve part number shown below along with your desired aeration kit, add the cost shown below to the kit cost for total package price.

    Rocking piston systems
    Single valve systems (PA34) do not need modification for remote operation
    RPA62 - price adder for two or three valve outlets, set up for 5/8" line
    List Price Adder: $34.00
    RPA75 - price adder for four to six valve outlets, set up for 3/4" line
    List Price Adder: $34.00

    Rotary Vane systems
    RVA10 - price adder for two valve (PA50) outlets, set up for 1" line
    List Price Adder: $34.00
    RVA12 - price adder for four to six valve outlets, set up for 11/4" line
    List Price Adder $34.00