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Otterbine Fractional Series 1/2 HP Pond Fountain


The Otterbine Fractional Series Fountains are perfect for residential ponds, golf courses, and apartment complexes. Each fountain comes with the three spray patterns shown below. Nozzles can be easily changed without removing fountain from the pond. This allows you to change your fountain’s appearance often for maximum beauty. These impressive units are manufactured entirely of stainless steel and thermal plastics. Each unit in the fractional series comes standard with:

  • 100' of power cable
  • Includes 3 sprays: Sunburst, Phoneix(pictured) & Rocket
  • stainless steel debris screen
  • mini power center which includes ground fault interrupter and 24 hour on/off timer.

And, Otterbine is the only aerator manufacturer to have each aeration system electrically safety tested and approved as a package by ETL and ETLc. Floats are protected by a thermoplastic polyethylene shell. Powered by Franklin, water-cooled, super stainless motors for years of reliable service. These Otterbine fountains carry a two year limited warranty on the entire unit.
Add the optional light kit and turn this fountain into a beautiful night scape.

The Instant Fountain comes complete with three easy to adjust patterns, cable and mini power control center. The Phoenix, Rocket and Starburst patterns offer the small pond owner three options for enhancing their water feature. Just plug it in and begin to enjoy the beauty of a fountain without delay. Other features include:

  • Cost Effective:
Smaller horsepower systems consume less energy offering significant cost savings.

  • Shallow Operating Depth:
Instant Fountains operate in as little as 18in or 46cm of water depth.

  • Interchangeable Patterns:
Comes complete with three easy to adjust patterns.

  • Natural Water Quality Solutions:
Although considered more of an aesthetic fountain feature, the Starburst pattern provides the most aeration out of the Instant Fountain patterns and can improve and maintain the water quality of most small ponds.

  • Comprehensive Warranty:
All-inclusive 2-year warranty on unit, cable and mini power control center*.

  • Complete Package:
Includes unit, mini power control panel* with timer and gfci.

  • Safety Listed & Protected:
Package electrically safety tested and listed with ETL, ETL-C. Products for European Union are also safety tested, approved and carry a 3rd party independent CE mark.