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Otterbine Fountain Light Kit - 2 Light Kit



 Our low voltage light systems are available with either 20 or 50 watt MR16 halogen bulbs and run on 12-volt power for increased energy efficiency. Recommended for all 1/4HP through 5HP aeration and fountain systems, these light systems accentuate the pattern and create beautiful displays to be enjoyed after dark.

Fountain Glo™ MR16 Low Voltage Features Include:

  •     Energy Efficient:  
By incorporating a transformer,(shore mounted for 20W, junction box mounted for 65W,) power is converted from 110-120V to 12V making the light set extremely energy efficient and compliant with both domestic and international electrical codes.  (It is strongly recommended that 50Hz applications supply their own transformer to convert to 12V.)

  •     Corrosion Resistant:
      Manufactured from non-corrosive thermal plastics lights are able to operate in brackish and effluent conditions.

  •     Extended Life:
      MR16 halogen bulbs generate almost no heat or ultraviolet output with extended bulb life exceeding 4000+ hours.

  •     Comprehensive Warranty:
      Complete 1-year warranty on lights, transformer, cable and power control center*.

  •     Accessories:
      All light sets come standard with a timer and gfci when purchased with a panel. Optional accessories include photocell, colored lens, sequencing packages, and cable quick disconnect.

  •     Safety Listed & Protected:  
      Fountain Glo Low Voltage MR16 lights are electrically safety tested and listed with ETL, ETL-C. Products for European Union are also safety tested, approved and carry a 3rd party independent CE mark.


Below are the product specifications for the Fountain Glo Low Voltage Light System. 20W systems are used on our Aqua Series and Instant Fountain systems, while the 50W systems are used on Aerating Fountains and the High Volume.

Lights (20W) per Set 2 3 4
Amp Draw (Total) 0.4 0.6 0.8
Lamp Wattage (Total) 40 60 80
Candelpower (Total Lumens) 1400 2100 2800

Lights (50W) per Set 2 4
Amp Draw (Total) 0.9 1.8
Lamp Wattage (Total) 100 200
Candelpower (Total Lumens) 11,400 22,800


The Fountain Glo 12V low voltage halogen lighting system provides vibrant and accurate color representation to accentuate your water feature. Depending on the aeration or fountain system selected, you will be provided mounting brackets to attach the light housings to the float. All light fixtures come fully assembled, so installation simply requires mounting the transformer (shore mounted for 20W, junction box mounted to the unit for 50W systems,) attaching the lights to the float with the brackets provided*, and connecting the power. Adjust the angle of the light fixtures for the effect you desire. Complete installation instructions will be found within the owner’s manual which will be provided with the delivery of the product.

Additional Considerations When Ordering and Installing Fountain Glo™ MR16 Light Systems:

  • If you plan to add lights to an aeration or fountain system after initial purchase, a separate power control center will be needed. However if at the time you place the aeration/fountain system order you know there are plans to add lights sometime in the future a larger panel can be built to accommodate the forthcoming light controls.

  • For longer cable runs select the 50W system.

  • When adding these lights to the Aerating Fountain line, you will need 40in or 1m of operating depth. (Junction box is mounted to the bottom of the system and requires 10in or 25cm of additional depth.)

  • Colored lenses can easily be ‘snapped’ on and off the light housings without needing to remove the unit from water.


The Fountain Glo Low Voltage Lights carry a complete 1 year warranty. This warranty extends to the complete package including light housings, cable, transformer and power control center.

Warranty and service can be performed by more than 100 factory trained and certified Otterbine Service Centers found worldwide, or by Otterbine directly. A copy of the warranty statement for this product can be found within the owner's manual.


Light fixture is designed for years of dependable service. Periodically clean the bezel glass lens of any debris and check the power cords for any damage. Always disconnect power from the light when performing maintenance.