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Lifeguard Aquatics Complete Pond Filter System


LifeGuard Aquatics Complete Pond Filter System

  • All-in-one filter is ideal for preformed ponds and other water features needing a simple, no plumbing filter system
  • For ponds from 300 to 1,500 gallons
  • One year warranty

Includes mechanical filter to remove solids, biological filter for water quality, nine watt UV light to kill free floating algae, diverter with flow control valve, quiet and efficient pump with 25' power cord, pumps 679 GPH and draws only 58 watts, four fountain nozzles with ball joint leveling device.

Part # Description Ship Weight
HE1500 All-in-One-Filter 15 lbs.
HE1500S Replacement Sleeve 2 lbs.
HZ9B Replacement Bulb, 9w 2 lbs.