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Kaso CF-3235 208/240V 3 Phase Control Panel


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Kasco’s C-95 is a standard component included in the 5.1JF Floating Aerating Fountain packages and is optional with models 5.1CF and 5.1AF. The C-95, 240V Control Panel features GFCB protection, a 24-hour timer, surge protection, and 120V GFI protected lighting outlet in a rain-proof enclosure. A photoelectric, unit-synchronized circuit controls the 120V lighting outlet for the LR-375 Lighting Packages. The GFCB, 30 amp circuit is designed to protect you and your equipment. No one should be in the water while the equipment is operating and a GFI protected circuit should always be used and operating properly. It is also essential to test the GFCB monthly to ensure proper operation. Check instructions for procedure. The C-95 Control Panel requires a hard-wire connection to four leads (L1, L2, a neutral, and a ground) and must be installed by a qualified electrician.

Kasco equipment can come with up to 500′ of power cord. It is important to not add any additional cord. It will void the warranty, ETL approval, and could cause amalfunction with the GFI breaker.

Our durable and easy-to-install light kit includes three machined-bronze light fixtures each with 75 Watt MR-16 Halogen lamps. The transformer is integrated into the light kit, so all you have to do is plug the lights into the C-25 or C-85 Control panel. Each fixture is supplied with clear lamps. As an option, colored lenses can also be ordered for additional dramatic effect.