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Kasco LR-375 Halogen Light Packages


Kasco offers Lighting Packages available with any Floating Aerating Fountain to illuminate your fountain pattern. All Kasco Bronze Lighting Packages feature twelve-volt, solid bronzed cased fixtures joined at a submersible junction box with a power cable to match the length on the Floating Fountain (available in lengths of 50′, 100′, 150′, 200′, 250′, 300′, or 400′ SJTOW underwater rated electrical power cords). Each fixture supports a MR-16 halogen bulb to brilliantly enhance your Fountain for a tranquil nighttime atmosphere. Using solid bronze cased fixtures allows Kasco Lighting Packages to only be partially submerged, which allows for proper cooling and reduced buildup of materials on the lenses since they are above the water surface. The superior quality of bronze lights, coupled with added sealing and thermal overload protection make Kasco Bronze Lighting Packages the best fountain lighting available. Each Lighting Package includes clear 75 Watt halogen bulbs, but Kasco also offers additional optional colors of red, green, blue and yellow. Also, each light kit now includes a built in Low Voltage Transformer so all you have to do is plug it into the proper control panel included with the fountain!

Model LR-275

The LR-275 Low Voltage Light Kit is a NEW Low Voltage Light Kit in Kasco’s Fountain Lighting Packages. The LR-275 was developed to produce maximum light with minimal costs. The LR-275 uses two of the solid bronze fixtures instead of three as in the other light kit option, which helps keep costs lower. The package includes two 75 watt MR-16 halogen bulbs to fully illuminate your Fountain pattern. The LR-275 Lighting Package is intended for use with the 2400VFX, 3400JF and 3400HJF , and 3400VFX and 3400HVFX Floating Aerating Fountain models and includes all the mounting hardware to accompany those Floating Fountain models. The C-25 Control Box included with all 120V Floating Aerating Fountains includes a Photo Eye to assist in controlling light operation.

Model LR-375

Kasco’s LR-375 Low Voltage Light Kit includes three 75 watt MR-16 halogen bulbs to fully illuminate your Fountain patterns. The LR-375 Lighting Package is designed for use with the 4400VFX & 4400HVFX, 8400JF, 8400VFX, 2.3VFX, 3.1JF, 3.3JF, 5.1VFX, 5.3VFX, 5.1JF, 5.3JF, & 7.3JF Floating Aerating Fountain models, but can be used with any unit from 1/2HP and up. The LR-375 Lighting Package includes all mounting hardware needed. Additional brackets are available to give you the option of adding two sets of the LR-375 Lighting Package to any 2, 3, 5, and/or 7.5HP Aerating Fountain for a brighter and more dramatic affect.