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Eco Series Remote Pond Filter


A This upflow filter is ideal for those unique applications where the filter needs to sit back from the water's edge. Instead of the water flowing out a spillway, this filter has two 3" bulkhead fittings that allow the water to be piped from the filter, via gravity, back to the pond, stream or tank. By setting the filter back away from the water's edge it allows for easy concealment.

  • 2" inlet fitting pre-installed for you
  • Filters ponds up to 5000 gallons
  • Ideal for filtering Koi display tanks
  • Dual 3" outlets allow for up to 90 gpm flow
  • Includes two filter pads and four bags of media
  • A minimum of 2" of fall per foot of pipe between the filter and pond/tank is needed to ensure gravity flow.