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AirPro Deluxe Pond Aerator Kit - 1/2 to 1 Acre Ponds

$1,102.00 was $1,285.00

This unit can aerate ponds up to 1 1⁄2 acres as long as you have adequate depths. The recommendations are based on the chart below. Please follow the chart for adequate aeration and desratification, otherwise you will not get adequate aeration. Remember the deeper you can place the diffuser in your pond, the less CFM(Cubic Feet per Minute) or air that is required to adequately aerate your pond. A long narrow pond may require multiple diffusers to properly aerate the entire pond. Square, circular and oval ponds can usually be aerated from one central diffuser if one acre or less in size. Please call us if you are unsure of what kit to purchase and we will be happy to assist you. The rocking piston compressors can operate up to 35' deep. Motor draws 2.3 amps and pumps 3.5 CFM of air. This unit is our best selling aerator and for good reason. It is a powerful aerator that is competitively priced and don't forget it comes with a great 2 year warranty.

Living Water Aeration™ pond aerators are efficient, affordable and safe systems for circulating and adding oxygen to large volumes of water. Our pond aeration systems are guaranteed to increase oxygen levels in your pond. Also these systems destratify, prevent oxygen depletion and fish kills. There is absolutley no electricity in the water, our pond aeration systems are safe for any type of water recreation.

Kit Includes:

  • 1/4 HP Stratus Rocking Piston Compressor
  • Lockable Steel Compressor Cabinet
  • 100' - 3/8'' weighted tubing
  • Air diffuser with check valve and diffuser base
  • Fittings and clamps
  • Can also be used as a de-icer in the wintertime

All systems come with compressor installed in cabinet with valved outlets, pressure gauge, pressure relief and air filter installed as well.

  • Cabinets include cooling fan and electrical outlet pre- installed
  • Warranties: Compressors - 2 year, cabinets - 5 years, diffusers - 5 years


  • Elimination of foul odors from undesirable dissolved gases
  • Elimination of low oxygen fish kills
  • Reduced nutrient levels and associated algae growth
  • Reduced aquatic midge and mosquito insect hatches
  • Oxidized/reduced organic bottom muck
  • Improved fisheries by expanding oxygenated habitat
  • Increased oxygen levels throughout water column
  • Safe entry - no electricity in the water, GFI protection on all circuits

Max Depth Max Pond Size
5-8 feet 1/4 acre
8-12 feet 1/2 acre
12-18 feet 1 acres
18-20 feet 1 ½ acres

PDF Files:

Pond Aeration System Instruction Booklet