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Advanced Fiber Optic Underwater Pond Lighting - 6 Light Kit



Our fiber optic kits now use solid core fiber cable which is 200% brighter than previous cable!

While the initial cost of fiber optics is considerably more than traditional lighting, the numerous advantages it offers makes it a great choice for anyone wanting a spectacular night time display.

Our new solid core cable is the highest quality cable in the market. This quality cable transmits over 200% more light than cables using multiple strands of fiber. The difference in light output is remarkable. These new cables can be up to 100' long! No other manufacturer can match this!


By using solid core cable we can also offer a cable without the jacket around it. This allows light to shine down the entire length of the cable instead of just at the end. Great for use around pools and architectural fountains. See custom kits below for cable pricing. Solid and regular light cables can be mixed on same illuminator.

These fiber optic systems have several advantages over similar brands:

  • Much Smaller - advanced technology allows our light source to be much smaller than our competitors and makes it easier to hide.
  • Longer Cables - our standard packages have longer cables between the light source and the actual lights.
  • More Colors - EasyPro kits have five different colors built-in!
  • Built-in Fan - illuminator has a built-in cooling fan with overheat protection.
  • Lower Price - superior design and engineering allows us to offer a superior product for less money!

Fiber optic lighting is much different than normal low voltage lighting. Fiber optic lighting has a shore mounted illuminator box which has the light bulb inside it. The light shines through a rotating color wheel, as it rotates the light changes color. The light is then carried down the fiber optic cables into the water. This means that there is no power in the water and when it's time to change a light bulb it is easy to do since the bulb is on shore in the illuminator box. Each fiber cable can be up to 100' long.

Features Include:

  • Stainless steel illuminator enclosures
  • Multiple color wheel - can also be stopped on any color
  • Two internal cooling fans
  • Solid core fiber cable - superior to normal 25 strand cable used by other brands
  • Compact design makes it much easier to hide than our competition
  • Photo eye timer to turn lights on at dark

Includes: 6 light kit, w/ two 14 ft. & two 16 ft. & two 18 ft. cables