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1-5 HP Centrifugal Pump Fountains


Air-o-Lator floating fountains are high quality fountains that combine aeration and decorative looks. Their water cooled motors are virtually maintenance free and come with a three year warranty! All fountains listed below come standard with: -Timer - Control box - Propeller guard - 100' of power cord (longer power cords are available) - GFI protection (single phase units) - Add the light kit below for a beautiful nighttime display. 1-5 HP "CENTRIFUGAL PUMP" FOUNTAINS These fountains use an impeller (instead of a propeller) to build higher pressures, which give greater spray heights. "Centrifugal pump" fountains utilize a pump chamber where pressure is built, then sprayed through a nozzle. All six of the spray nozzles can be used on these fountains. Pricing includes: Pump Motor 100' power cord Float Control panel Propeller guard Choice of nozzle Available in the same spray patterns as the Ready 2000 Fountains: Galaxy Diana Nova Northstar Solace Skyward